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A first-of-a-kind ftp(s)-based privacy-centric cloud storage, webhosting solution

LaciCloud is your open-source private FTP(s)-cloud storage and PHP webhost with many features, including a flexible Bitcoin payment method, user-data encryption, first-class security, compatibility with virtually all computing devices around the world and extreme versatility with an API and user subdomains. Read below.
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Privacy and security is one of LaciCloud's most important feature. We do not, in any way or form, collect PII, or sell your data to adverisers. Payments can be done via Bitcoins/Altcoins (including IOTA, XRB, NYC, BTS and ARK) (and 3 other payment methods!), and user data can be possibly encrypted. Of course, you can also get quick temporary FTP accounts without registering, much like temporary email addresses. Additionally, the code behind LaciCloud has been tested for security issues and privilige seperation is used between the webserver and the FTP(s) server. .
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Versitality is one of of LaciCloud's other most important feature. Our service offers you ways to display messages to your users, have hierarchical user structures, and a way to host your files your own user subdomain. Our API allows you to write your own applications on top of LaciCloud's, whatever it may be. Do not forget the many syncronization, backup and encryption programs that exist for FTP(s). .
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Open-sourcing LaciCloud allows anyone access to view and enhance the source code. What this means is bug's gets fixed faster, and anyone can verify the codebase to make sure there are no back-doors and that nothing strange is going on.
LaciCloud's Github page can be found here. .
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