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Why LaciCloud?

With three years of experience as a cloud-storage service, webhost and six years of expertise in backup methods, we can meet your needs. We created LaciCloud, because the backup solutions currently on the market use proprietary software, and as a result are not flexible, and do not adhere to today's digital values like privacy, security and confidentiality. Most do not care for the business as individuum, and do not offer custom-made solutions. We offer you choice and individual evaluations all fit to your budget to create an integral and foolproof backup plan.
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  • Individual solutions
  • API with per-user subdomains
  • Budget-based payments
  • FTP(s) compatbility and webhosting
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  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Encryption
  • Minimal log and PII policy
  • Europe-based
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  • Partly open-source
  • Privilege separation
  • Secure coding practices
  • Pentested
We will evaluate your data situation to find the best adapted solution
We will, through consultation with you, gather all the data we need to make an informed decision on how to proceed. This consists of budget constraints, your infrastructure (ex. family home, WordPress site, business location, etc), special instructions, scheduling of the backups and more. After having done this, we will create a plan that fits your needs.
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We will apply our solutions to your website, business, or home
We install the carefully selected programs and custom-made scripts onto your environnment. We fine-tune it to your environnment and then launch the scripts, and finally we set up your dashboard with the progress tracking software. The selected services can be LaciCloud's FTP, a third-party cloud storage, and the programs can range anywhere from backup/synchronization to virtual drive programs to your needs, all duly encrypted.
We will offer you a way to keep track of your data
After setting up the environnment, you can watch your backups arrive through the LaciCloud dashboard or email alerts, divided into each of your devices and schedules. We offer integration for all of our custom solutions so that you can keep track of your backups on LaciCloud. If you should have any questions or changes in your environnment, you only have to contact us and we will get back to you quickly!
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