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Why LaciCloud?

Why did we create LaciCloud? Simply put, we have all tried to find a cloud storage service for personal use. What was available didn't suit us. They aren't flexible, they aren't open-source, they don't allow you to encrypt your information, and they most certainly breach your constitutional rights by keeping an eye on your data in a sense. Back in 2013, my Dropbox account was suspended due to allegedly uploading pirated software to the site; that's when I thought I had enough. By creating LaciCloud, I created a secure environment for myself and my friends where they could upload files in complete security and privacy to an FTP server. This quickly grew into LaciCloud, today a cloud storage and a webhost.
LaciCloud is the hard work of multiple people;
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  • FTP device and programs compatibility
  • API
  • Per-user subdomains for PHP webhosting
  • Flexible payments
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  • Bitcoin payments
  • Temporary FTP accounts
  • Minimal log keeping and data policy
  • Possible user data encryption
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  • Open-source
  • Privilege separation
  • Secure coding practices (OWASP)
  • Pentested
Meet the team!
Laszlo Molnarfi
CEO of LaciCloud/Head of ICT
Laci is our excellent programmer. He is an aspiring young computer scientist with the desire to create software that makes people happy. He has experience in web development, web app and network security, computer forensics and system administration. He has been passionate about computers since the age of 4, and probably will be forever.
An image of the CEO of LaciCloud, Laszlo Molnarfi; teen circa 16 years
An image of the designer of LaciCloud, Tristan Thomson; adult circa 18 years
Tristan Thomson
Head of Design
Tristan is our excellent designer. He has been in the design industry for quite some time. He is highly skilled in graphic design, and an excellent, dedicated worker. He has completed over a 100 graphic design projects to date all with great success...
Fabio Barbero
Head of User Experience and Testing
Fabio is our excellent Beta tester. Over the past few months, Fabio has been greatly dedicated to this project. Finding every little bug, content problem, spelling mistake and always had great suggestions for the site. He is also a young aspiring computer scientist like Laci. In addition to these team members, I feel it is neccesary to mention some amazing people who have helped us on our journey to create LaciCloud;
Click here to read more about these other members.
An image of the Beta Tester of LaciCloud, Fabio Barbero; teen circa 16 years